The lost are found!

Thank you to the Estherville Police Department for returning 14 of the missing Biden/Harris signs.

In the past week, the Emmet County Democratic Central Committee had distributed approximately 40 Bidden/Harris campaign-yard signs. As of September 15th, 17 had been stolen. If your Biden/Harris sign has gone missing please call the Estherville Police Department at (712) 362-2639.

Most importantly this is not an excuse to retaliate in any way. Stealing other peoples’ stuff is wrong and will not be condoned.

Thank you, Mikki Erickson, ECDCC Treasurer

Iowa Code
714.2 Degrees of theft.
3. The theft of property exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars but not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars in value, or the theft of any property not exceeding five hundred dollars in value by one who has before been twice convicted of theft, is theft in the third degree. Theft in the third degree is an aggravated misdemeanor.
4. The theft of property exceeding three hundred dollars in value but not exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars in value is theft in the fourth degree. Theft in the fourth degree is a serious misdemeanor.